Colton Gue Wins 2nd Star defeating Zander Beddow 182-120 at Suitland

See You Next Year

Thanks for a Great Season!

Greetings DPBA members and welcome to the 2023 season!

We had a very successful 2022 season which featured seven events. During these events we had seven different champions, three of which were first time tour winners! We expect many more of these exciting moments in our upcoming season!

The 2023 season will be comprised of seven stops. We will start our season at Pinland in March, Johnson’s in April and then a return to Southside Memorial Day Weekend. In June we will travel to Highland Bowl followed by a combined stop with the WNDA at Parkville in July and then for the first time we will be hosted by Dudek Lanes in August. The year will conclude with a combined stop with the WNDA at Suitland Labor Day Weekend.

NEW FOR 2023: Division winners will now be seeded by wins and losses first with any ties being broken by total pinfall. This change puts the emphasis on winning which is the objective of Sunday. This change will also ensure that division winners and second division winners are all being seeded based on the same criteria.

I would like to thank all of our Proprietors and their staff of all of the centers that we have visited in the past, will visit this year and will return to in the future.

I would like to thank all of our members and supporters of the DPBA.

I would like to thank the Governing Body and our Executive Director for their time and commitment to this organization. It is the combination of these working parts that enables the DPBA to continue to be successful.

If any of our members are interested in serving on the Governing Body, please reach out to your area representative or myself.

I am very pleased to serve my first term as President of the DPBA. I look forward to working with you and bowling beside you.

DPBA President, William Rigney

DPBA Update - July 2023

2023 DPBA Highlights

Thank you to Paul DeGraff for once again donating $500 towards the bowler of the year award!

CHECK-IN – Preliminary Round
30 minutes prior to shift time

SUNDAY CHECK-IN – 9:30am is check-in DON’T BE LATE!
If past 9:30am bowler will be fined $50.
If past 9:40am bowler will be fined $50 and becomes alternate.
If past 10am bowler is placed in spot below alternate and receives no money.

New for 2023 division winners will be seeded by win/loss record.
Ties for win/loss record broken by pinfall.

Allowed during qualifying only and limited to centers who sell alcohol.
There is NO BYOB at centers who do not serve.
No drinking allowed on Sunday for qualifiers who are bowling.

TOUR ENTRY FEE (excluding Hagerstown) - $135.00




1. Bowlers will be seeded upon the following criteria:

  1. 1st place in the division will occupy the top ½ of the seeds and be seeded by Win/Loss record with pinfall as tiebreaker.
  2. 2nd place in the division will occupy the bottom ½ of the seeds and be seeded by Win/Loss record with pinfall as tiebreaker.

2. All ties for position will be decided by a 2-frame roll-off.

3. Any bowler not able to complete and/or finish a match in the Star Round will be replaced by the next highest seed remaining (not the alternate). The next highest seeded 3rd place divisional seed based on Win/Loss record then

2023 Bowler of the Year

Colby DeAntoniis   554 points
Matt Buckingham   503 points
Bernie Hipkins   462 points
Jonathan Green   399 points
Richie Hipkins   397 points
Walt Brooks   393 points
Jesse Dietsch   361 points
Jace Napolitano   354 points
Kyle Shaw   339 points
Chris Roth   322 points

2023 Hi Average

Don Dove 14 games 154.786
Colby DeAntoniis 93 games 153.559
Matt Buckingham 96 games 151.917
John T. Zikis 13 games 151.308
Bernie Hipkins 85 games 150.024
Richie Hipkins 79 games 148.595
Jonathan Green 84 games 148.000
Kyle Shaw 73 games 147.192
Walt Brooks 87 games 146.874
Winnie Shriver 22 games 146.773

2023 Bowler Statistics

Complete statistics for all bowlers who have bowled in the tour during the 2023 season.
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