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January 21, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Season

2015 DPBA Highlights

Dear Members of the DPBA:

I am happy to welcome you to the 2015 season. The annual meeting brought up a lot of interesting conversations. Many hot topics were, prize lists, entry fee, formats, and the number of events. The members of the board always try to represent the feelings of what their area bowlers want. The decisions made are not always easy and not always what everyone wants. However, they are what the majority feel is good for the DPBA. As always, the by-laws and Governing Body of the DPBA will cover any conflicts and or misunderstandings that the following introduction may have.

Most importantly we will be having 7 DPBA events this season. That might come as a shock to some and not so much to others. The biggest reason for the 7 events is the lack of a southern host spot in November, coupled with lack of November support. I know that an 8th event could have been held in a northern house, but it would not be the best interest of the DPBA at this time. The DPBA thanks all supporting houses for their efforts and the donation of their centers for the DPBA events. It is the only venue left in Duckpins that 100% of linage is donated to promote the game. The DPBA is very proud and thankful to the Proprietors association and its member centers for all the support. All of the dates will be posted on the web site. It also means that the Masters will be hosted by Johnson’s Lanes in Hamden.

Shorts as per the dress code last season, will be allowed during qualifying at all events accept Hagerstown this season. Mr. Turner feels that his event should maintain the highest level of professionalism. The DPBA will use its old dress code for that event.

The formats and entry fee for regular events will be the same as last year for the most part. The Masters and Hagerstown will follow their respective formats as well. First prize for Hagerstown has changed. It will be updated in the members section. The bracket format will still be in place for 24 or more qualifiers. We did make some financial changes to the “top seed” at regular tour events. That will all be laid out in detail before the Highland Bowl event. Many factors such as sandbagging, bowler excitement, spectator enjoyment, and overall feedback made the decision to keep the bracket format viable. The board also feels that keeping the current entry fee will allow for the most balanced and financially sound prize list. There is no doubt we would like to pay out as many places as possible. The only way we can is through member support. Come out and bowl and we can pay more spots. It is actually that simple.

I would like to thank all the members of the Governing Body who work hard to make the decisions for the DPBA. They donate a lot of their time and expense to the members of the DPBA. They do this because of the dedication and caring of the DPBA and the people who belong to it. There will be members who complain about decisions made this weekend and in general. Some will use them as an excuse to quit or not bowl. That is to be expected. They will also complain on social media and try to hurt the DPBA by misleading comments and statements. Remember, most of the people that do this are your friends who you upset the most. If you can’t bowl the DPBA for whatever reason anymore please don’t hurt the people who still do by making foolish and derogatory statements. Members of the DPBA enjoy the tour and again are your friends and people you know. Please try and remember that.

The DPBA has no doubt the best bowlers in Duckpin. No other event can offer the same level of competition or structure as the DPBA does. I am looking forward to people that enjoy duckpin bowling at a high level to come enjoy the DPBA for what we have to offer. The BEST of Duckpin bowling.

Thank you
Todd Turcotte
DPBA President

2015 Tour Stops

Highland Bowl - Click to go to Google Maps April 24-26, 2015
@Highland Bowl, Cheshire, CT
Southside Bowl - Click to go to Google Maps May 22-24, 2015
@Southside Bowl, Hagerstown, MD
Meadowbrook Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps June 12-14, 2015
@Meadowbrook Lanes, Warwick, RI
White Oak Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps July 17-19, 2015
@White Oak Lanes, Silver Spring, MD
Town Hall Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps August 7-9, 2015
@Town Hall Lanes, Johnston, RI
Parkville Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps September 4-6, 2015
@Parkville Lanes, Parkville, MD
Johnson's Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps October 2-4, 2015 - The Masters
@Johnson's Lanes, Hamden, CT

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2014 Bowler of the Year
Scott Wolgamuth 532 points
Mike Steinert, Sr. 520 points
Don Dove 504 points
John DeAntoniis 492 points
Kyle Shaw 399 points
Walt Brooks 388 points
Buddy Turner 344 points
Randy Farlow 312 points
Brian Ewing 304 points
Tim Bosley 271 points
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2014 Hi Average
John DeAntoniis 151.181
Mike Steinert, Sr. 150.194
Jimmy Mulvihill 150.000
Don Dove 149.446
Steve Korik, Jr. 148.138
Andy Fierlit 147.913
Mark Parker 147.471
Steve Dryer 147.462
Nathan Cooper 147.143
Scott Wolgamuth 146.528
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2014 Tour Data
Complete statistics for all completed tour stops this year.
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A Moment in Time...

A classic DPBA final match - John Gorman vs. Wes O'Donnell. John Gorman comes from behind to throw some unbelievable strikes to win the game.