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November 11, 2014

Randy Farlow Edges Buddy Turner 136-134 to Claim Masters Stop

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October 10, 2014

Don Dove Wins Record 19th Tour Stop at Johnson's

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September 30, 2014

A Letter from the DPBA President

Dear DPBA Membership,

As of Monday the entries for Johnson's this weekend are not as yet what we hoping for. With that in mind I have spoken to the center management and have decided to alter the available lanes for rotation at this event.  I know that some people may not be happy with this change but it needs to be done.

As of today the Friday night shift will only be using lanes 1-10 for bowling. The rest of the center will be held available for their league or open play. That means bowlers will bowl more then one game on a pair of lanes. I don't feel that there is any reason to complain about scoring. Johnsons's is a very nice center and evenly matched throughout the lanes.

I am sorry if any bowler feels uncomfortable with the lane rotation. I am positive that members bowling this weekend in the DPBA will understand the need for this change. The bowling centers are important to the success of the DPBA, and we will work closely with them so they can operate if our entries for a shift are low.

We will also reserve the right to make any lane rotation adjustments to Saturday shifts as the entries warrant.

Thank you.

Todd Turcotte
DPBA President 

September 2, 2014

Steve Dryer climbs the ladder for 6th star at Parkville

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August 5, 2014

Scott Wolgamuth earns 10th star at Town Hall Lanes

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July 16, 2014

Mike Steinert wins again, defeating Don Dove, 161-135 at White Oak

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June 23, 2014

Change in Dress Code

The governing body voted at Meadowbrook to allow a change in the dress code. This change comes after years of member concerns from both sides. However, the governing body has decided this trial of the new dress code is due. With any change there will be complaints and growing pains. I ask that we give this trial period a chance. We have the best interest of the membership as well as the quality if the DPBA in mind.

As voted at Meadowbrook, the DPBA will now allow the wearing of dress or golf shorts during qualifying rounds. Shorts will NOT be of the "cargo" style consisting of leg side pockets. They must also follow the same material guidelines as pants for Sunday’ No sweat, denim, or warm up material will be allowed. We ask that you keep good taste in mind.

We all agree that keeping a professional image is important. There will be NO shorts allowed on Sunday. Bowlers will NOT be allowed to bowl on Sunday wearing shorts. You will be classified as ineligible. So make sure you bring long pants for Sunday’s competition. You can only be mad at yourself if you are classified as ineligible. Also a $25 fine will be imposed for shorts not meeting the qualifying round dress code.

This letter is an official announcement but not designed to be used as final rule. The final trial period changes will be posted in be uniform code upon receiving the minutes.

Remember gentleman this was a very hard decision to make. It did not come lightly. The DPBA wants to maintain a high quality and allow for the comfort of its members. I look forward to see how the trial period goes.

June 18, 2014

Mike Steinert defeated Joey Sears to win DPBA Meadowbrook 2014

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June 15, 2014

Letter from the DPBA President

Dear members,

My opening letter said that the bracket format was at all 8 stops. The official format was to post later. That statement has confused some members. Yes, we will use the bracket format at any tour that has over 80 entries. Under 80 will be the ladder format. The prize list was passed and posted on the website. My excitement and positive outlook for the tour caused that confusion. I am sorry for any misunderstanding that were caused. Please refer to the official prize list for any questions.

May 28, 2014

Kevin Burke defeats Tim Arney to win Southside stop

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April 29, 2014

Canadian Nathan Cooper defeats John DeAntoniis to win his first participated DPBA tour

Check out the DPBA on Twitter and the group on Facebook created by Chris Louth. Great jobs by Todd Turcotte, Chris Louth and Leo Monteiro on all the updates as they were happening!!! Special THANKS to Todd and his staff (including Mom and Dad) for the great weekend!!! Next stop Southside Lanes in Hagerstown for the Frank Turner Classic. Hope to see you all there!!

January 22, 2014

2014 Stop Tour News from DPBA President Todd Turcotte

There will be 8 stops this year. Entry fee will remain $125 to allow for 30 qualifiers at 100 entries. With the exciting bracket format at all 8 stops. Copy of the bracket layout will be soon to follow. The final 2 stops are just awaiting the date confirmation, but there are stops to bowl at. There was much conversation about returning to the 24 qualifier format with 100 entries and going back to a $105 entry fee. However, many feel that the more qualifier format is better. I am always open to more conversation on that topic.

January 2, 2014

Todd Turcotte Elected as New DPBA President

A letter from the new DPBA President

2014 Tour Stops

Highland Bowl - Click to go to Google Maps April 25-27, 2014
@Highland Bowl, Cheshire, CT
Winner: Nathan Cooper
Southside Bowl - Click to go to Google Maps May 23-25, 2014
@Southside Bowl, Hagerstown, MD
Winner: Kevin Burke
Meadowbrook Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps June 13-15, 2014
@Meadowbrook Lanes, Warwick, RI
Winner: Mike Steinert
White Oak Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps July 11-13, 2014
@White Oak Lanes, Silver Spring, MD
Winner: Mike Steinert
Town Hall Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps August 1-3, 2014
@Town Hall Lanes, Johnston, RI
Winner: Scott Wolgamuth
Parkville Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps August 29-31, 2014
@Parkville Lanes, Parkville, MD
Winner: Steve Dryer
Johnson's Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps October 3-5, 2014
@Johnson's Lanes, Hamden, CT
Winner: Don Dove
Pinland Lanes - Click to go to Google Maps November 8-9, 2014
@Pinland Lanes, Baltimore, MD
Winner: Randy Farlow

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2014 Bowler of the Year
Scott Wolgamuth 532 points
Mike Steinert, Sr. 520 points
Don Dove 504 points
John DeAntoniis 492 points
Kyle Shaw 399 points
Walt Brooks 388 points
Buddy Turner 344 points
Randy Farlow 312 points
Brian Ewing 304 points
Tim Bosley 271 points
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2014 Hi Average
John DeAntoniis 151.181
Mike Steinert, Sr. 150.194
Jimmy Mulvihill 150.000
Don Dove 149.446
Steve Korik, Jr. 148.138
Andy Fierlit 147.913
Mark Parker 147.471
Steve Dryer 147.462
Nathan Cooper 147.143
Scott Wolgamuth 146.528
View Entire List Updated 11/14/2014
2014 Bowler Statistics
Complete statistics for all bowlers who have bowled in the tour this year.
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2014 Tour Data
Complete statistics for all completed tour stops this year.
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A Moment in Time...

A classic DPBA final match - John Gorman vs. Wes O'Donnell. John Gorman comes from behind to throw some unbelievable strikes to win the game.